1: 1. The 1776-1976 Bicentennial Quarter is highly sought after by collectors. 2. Rare varieties can be worth over $40 million.

2: 3. Look for mint marks and errors to determine value. 4. Washington portrait facing left is most valuable.

3: 5. The Type 1 Variety has straight R's in "QUARTER." 6. Type 2 Variety has curved R's and is rarer.

4: 7. Check for doubled die errors for increased value. 8. Mint condition quarters fetch top dollar.

5: 9. Certain marks and anomalies can increase value. 10. Scarcity drives up demand for these coins.

6: 11. Consult a numismatic expert for accurate valuation. 12. Keep quarters in protective casing to maintain value.

7: 13. Auction houses handle rare quarter sales. 14. Rare varieties surpass $40 million at auctions.

8: 15. Collecting Bicentennial Quarters can be profitable. 16. Demand for these coins continues to rise.

9: 17. Invest in rare Bicentennial Quarters for high returns. 18. Stay informed on the latest coin valuation trends.