1: "Elizabeth Taylor's 33-carat diamond from Richard Burton tops the list of extravagant celebrity engagement rings."

2: "Mariah Carey's $10 million ring from James Packer is a stunning centerpiece in her collection of jewelry."

3: "Jacqueline Kennedy's 2.8-carat ring from John F. Kennedy is a timeless symbol of their love."

4: "Blake Lively's 12-carat pink diamond from Ryan Reynolds is a rare and exquisite choice."

5: "Beyoncé's 18-carat flawless diamond from Jay-Z is a breathtaking symbol of their love."

6: "Kim Kardashian's 15-carat ring from Kanye West is a show-stopping piece in her jewelry collection."

7: "Grace Kelly's emerald-cut diamond from Prince Rainier III is a classic and elegant choice."

8: "Serena Williams' 12-carat ring from Alexis Ohanian is a modern and bold statement piece."

9: "Jennifer Lopez's 6.1-carat pink diamond from Ben Affleck is a glamorous and unique choice."