1: "Real Weapons in WWE Raw and Smackdown" Discover the dangerous arsenal of real weapons used in WWE matches, from steel chairs to kendo sticks.

2: "Fake Weapons in WWE Raw and Smackdown" Uncover the creative array of fake weapons used in WWE matches, including rubber hammers and foam tables.

3: "Impact of Real Weapons in WWE" Real weapons can leave lasting scars on WWE superstars, changing the course of their careers in an instant.

4: "Art of Using Fake Weapons in WWE" Learn how WWE superstars master the art of using fake weapons to entertain fans and enhance storytelling.

5: "Controversy Surrounding Real Weapons" The use of real weapons in WWE matches has sparked controversy and debate among fans and critics.

6: "Entertainment Value of Fake Weapons" Fake weapons add a unique flair to WWE matches, providing thrilling moments that keep fans on the edge of their seats.

7: "Safety Measures for Real Weapons" WWE takes strict safety measures when using real weapons in matches to prevent serious injuries to its superstars.

8: "Innovation in Fake Weapons" WWE constantly innovates fake weapons to bring new and exciting elements to its matches, keeping fans engaged.

9: "Conclusion" The use of real and fake weapons in WWE Raw and Smackdown adds drama, intensity, and entertainment to the world of professional wrestling.