1: Savor the flavors of summer with these delicious Mediterranean BBQ dishes that are both healthy and satisfying.

2: Grilled vegetables marinated in olive oil and herbs are a perfect addition to any BBQ spread.

3: Try skewers of marinated chicken or shrimp for a protein-packed and flavorful option that's sure to please.

4: Get creative with your BBQ by grilling fish fillets with lemon and garlic for a light and fresh dish.

5: Mediterranean-style lamb burgers seasoned with cumin and mint are a must-try for any BBQ enthusiast.

6: Upgrade your BBQ game with homemade tzatziki sauce for dipping and drizzling over grilled meats.

7: For a crowd-pleasing side dish, serve up a Greek salad with feta cheese, olives, and a tangy vinaigrette.

8: Don't forget to include some freshly baked pita bread on the grill for a warm and tasty accompaniment to your BBQ feast.

9: Finish off your Mediterranean BBQ with a sweet treat like grilled peaches topped with honey and yogurt for a refreshing end to the meal.