1: Title: Gym Class a Century Ago in USA Content: Discover how gym class looked a century ago in the USA. From calisthenics to traditional sports, see how students stayed active in the early 1900s.

2: Content: Students in the early 1900s participated in traditional sports like basketball and track and field. Gym class was a mix of competition and physical education.

3: Content: Calisthenics and military drills were common in gym class a century ago. Students focused on strength training and discipline in physical education curriculum.

4: Content: Gym uniforms and equipment were basic a century ago. Students wore simple attire and used minimal equipment for physical activities in gym class.

5: Content: Physical education teachers emphasized the importance of fitness and health in gym class a century ago. Students learned the value of staying active and healthy.

6: Content: Gym class a century ago promoted teamwork and sportsmanship. Students learned the importance of working together and supporting each other in physical activities.

7: Content: Outdoor activities like hiking and swimming were part of gym class a century ago in the USA. Students enjoyed the fresh air and physical challenges of outdoor sports.

8: Content: Gym class a century ago focused on building strong bodies and minds. Exercise was seen as essential for overall well-being and academic success.

9: Content: From traditional sports to outdoor adventures, gym class a century ago in the USA offered students a well-rounded physical education experience. Discover the history of fitness in schools.