1: Coney Island hosted a dazzling Beauty Pageant in 1925, showcasing elegance and glamour.

2: Contestants flaunted stunning gowns and sophisticated hairstyles at the Coney Island Beauty Pageant.

3: Judges were captivated by the poise and charm of the participants at the 1925 Beauty Pageant.

4: The atmosphere was electric as the Coney Island Beauty Pageant unfolded in 1925.

5: Spectators were in awe of the beauty and grace on display at the Coney Island Pageant.

6: The 1925 Coney Island Beauty Pageant celebrated femininity and style in the USA.

7: Participants at the Beauty Pageant in Coney Island exuded confidence and charisma.

8: The Coney Island Beauty Pageant in 1925 was a spectacle of fashion and elegance.

9: The crowning moment at the Coney Island Beauty Pageant left everyone in awe in 1925.