1: Discover the top smoothie chains in America. From classic favorites to new contenders, find out which ones made the cut!

2: 10. Jamba Juice - A favorite for its wide variety of flavors and healthy options, Jamba Juice is a must-try smoothie chain.

3: 9. Tropical Smoothie Cafe - Known for its delicious smoothies and food options, Tropical Smoothie Cafe is a top choice for many.

4: 8. Smoothie King - With a focus on health and nutrition, Smoothie King offers a range of tasty smoothie options for all.

5: 7. Robeks - Offering fresh, high-quality smoothies, Robeks is a top contender on the list of best smoothie chains.

6: 6. Clean Juice - Known for its organic and clean ingredients, Clean Juice is a favorite among health-conscious consumers.

7: 5. Juice It Up - With a focus on fresh ingredients and bold flavors, Juice It Up is a top pick for delicious smoothies.

8: 4. Nekter Juice Bar - Offering a range of fresh juices and smoothies, Nekter Juice Bar is a popular choice for many.

9: 3. Acai Express - Specializing in acai bowls and smoothies, Acai Express is a top contender on the list of best smoothie chains.