1: Title: 4 Genius Tips for Crispy and Golden Pan-Fried Potatoes Every Time Subtitle: Achieve perfectly crispy potatoes with these expert tips

2: 1. Use starchy potatoes like Russets for optimal crispiness 2. Parboil potatoes before frying to ensure even cooking 3. Dry potatoes thoroughly before frying for extra crispiness

3: 4. Cook potatoes in a single layer for even browning 5. Avoid overcrowding the pan for best results 6. Use a combination of butter and oil for flavor and crispiness

4: 7. Season potatoes generously with salt and herbs before frying 8. Flip potatoes occasionally for uniform golden brown color 9. Serve hot and crispy pan-fried potatoes for a delicious side dish

5: Tip: For extra flavor, add garlic and paprika to the potatoes Bonus: Try different seasonings like rosemary or thyme for variety Pro Tip: Experiment with different oils like olive or avocado for unique flavors

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