1: Indulge in Dry January with these 10-minute Mediterranean-inspired mocktails.

2: Sip on a refreshing Virgin Mojito made with fresh mint and citrus.

3: Blend up a Non-Alcoholic Sangria with a mix of fruit juices and soda water.

4: Try a Mediterranean Mule with ginger beer, lemon, and cucumber.

5: Enjoy a Pomegranate Spritzer with pomegranate juice and sparkling water.

6: Relax with a Lavender Lemonade made with lavender syrup and lemon juice.

7: Satisfy your sweet tooth with a Watermelon Cooler mixed with mint and lime.

8: Cool off with a Cucumber Basil Smash featuring cucumber and basil.

9: Experience sober fun with these Mediterranean-inspired mocktails. Cheers!