1: Savor the classic shrimp scampi recipe with buttery garlic sauce.

2: Kick up the heat with spicy shrimp scampi featuring chili flakes.

3: Indulge in creamy shrimp scampi with a touch of heavy cream.

4: Enjoy lemony shrimp scampi for a refreshing citrus twist.

5: Try zesty shrimp scampi with a sprinkle of fresh parsley.

6: Go Mediterranean with tomato-based shrimp scampi and olives.

7: Experiment with Asian-inspired shrimp scampi in a soy ginger sauce.

8: Get a taste of tropical vibes with coconut shrimp scampi.

9: Finish off with decadent lobster-filled shrimp scampi for a luxurious treat.