1: Delve into the world of mind-bending optical illusions with the top 10 most expensive and coolest illusions.

2: Experience the mesmerizing effects of the Ames room illusion, where objects appear distorted in size.

3: Discover the incredible spinning silhouette illusion, where static images appear to be moving.

4: Explore the stunning hollow face illusion, where a concave mask appears to be convex.

5: Be amazed by the incredible motion aftereffect illusion, where stationary objects appear to be moving.

6: Witness the mind-boggling rotating snakes illusion, where static images seem to be in motion.

7: Prepare to be mystified by the phenomenal infinity mirror illusion, creating an endless reflection.

8: Experience the unbelievable split brain illusion, where the brain has difficulty processing conflicting information.

9: Immerse yourself in the captivating mirror box illusion, where the brain perceives a ghostly reflection.