1: 1. Use vinegar for sparkling windows. 2. Create DIY air fresheners with baking soda. 3. Freeze ripe bananas for smoothies later.

2: 4. Repurpose old socks as dusting gloves. 5. Make cookie cutter pancakes for kids. 6. Organize buttons in pill containers.

3: 7. Use a shower cap to cover shoes in luggage. 8. Freeze leftover wine in ice cube trays. 9. Store bed sheets inside matching pillowcases.

4: 10. Make a DIY sewing kit from an old jar. 11. Use hair clips to organize cables. 12. Keep a spare key in a magnetic holder.

5: 13. Use egg cartons to store small items. 14. Repurpose a muffin tin for condiments. 15. Freeze herbs in olive oil for easy cooking.

6: 16. Use a tension rod to hang spray bottles. 17. Store wrapping paper in a garment bag. 18. Hang scarves on shower curtain rings.

7: 19. Use a shoe organizer for cleaning supplies. 20. Store reusable bags in a basket by the door. 21. Use a hanging fruit basket for toiletries in the bathroom.

8: 22. Repurpose baby wipes containers for storage. 23. Organize cords with toilet paper rolls. 24. Use a wine rack for rolled towels in the bathroom.

9: 25. Use a dish rack to organize cutting boards. 26. Store plastic bags in tissue boxes. 27. Use an ice cube tray to store earrings.